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Survival is Optional.
Facing global and economic challenges like never before, leaders must learn and lead—like never before!
Marcia Daszko & Associates work with Leaders with Courage and Curiosity!
marcia daszko When leaders are committed to transforming their organizations, Marcia Daszko & Associates help them strategically think differently and achieve outcomes they have never before experienced!



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  • Inspiring speech to engage your teams for effective results:

    Great Leaders Build Healthy,

    Productive Workplaces”                       Provoke new thinking and leadership actions when executives link the impact of fear in the workplace to the bottom line and what they must do to improve it.                         more testimonials

  • Read “Sustainable Success: Leaders Who Transform,”a strategic thinking Leadership chapter in the book: ORGANIZATIONAL PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Linking Strategy and Projects
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    June 18-22, 2014 Los Angeles, CA, USA In2In Thinking 13th Annual Forum


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Every Leader Needs a Coach.
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We are passionate about helping you:
  • Survive and Thrive
  • Transform, not merely Improve
  • Accelerate your Revenues
  • Create Faster, Better Solutions for Customers
  • Create A Collaborative Culture for Change
  • Integrate Acquisitions Successfully
  • Focus on Quality to Achieve the Competitive Edge
  • Improve Productivity and Profits
  • Have Better Control of Your Business
  • Accelerate Innovation

Call us to be your:
  • Catalyst for Transformation
  • CEO and Executive Team Coach
  • Strategic Planning Facilitator
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Workshop Leader
  • Innovation Guide
Why choose Marcia Daszko & Associates? We:
  • Possess profound knowledge for sustainable transformation, not management fads;
  • Provoke new thinking and interactions for more employee engagement, trust, productivity and profits.

New Book

survivalIntroducing the upcoming book, Survival Is Optional by Marcia Daszko. (Publisher to be announced)

Check here to learn more about this book.



Keynote Speaking

Innovation in Leadership Thinking

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"She was my student . . . and is a catalyst for leadership transformation to improve quality, innovate, and make a better future." Dr. W. Edwards Deming

"A lightning rod for transformation! In a month Marcia worked with us to save our international organization from going out of business, and it is thriving today, six years later."
Eric Sandberg
Executive Director

"With sales declining at $30 million in a very competitive industry and high employee turnover, I called Marcia.
She shifted my thinking and with some hard work, the company soared from $30 to $200 million. Need I say more?"

Robert Rao,
CEO, Corporate Motors